The following four Single Edition Artworks, part of the M Sequence launch collection, are on display at number 85/20 Jawatte Gardens and available as a set for USD 2,702 /  LKR 500,000


Giclee Canvas (Framed, mounted in steel base if required)

Variable Sizes

Photomontage and digital manipulations of original botanical photography. Kesara’s thematic love of the natural world sees a progression into art as he begins his early tesselations.

This series marks Kesara’s second solo exhibition, January 2019. The series was initially conceived created as a commission for the Galle Lit Fest, an international biannual event hosted in the historic Galle Fort on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. The festival brings international and Sri Lankan writers, patrons, and the public together for a week of literary events. This collection served as backdrop to the mainstage events and lectures produced in seven-foot-by-four-foot stand-alone artworks.

“These botanic manipulations are an inventive way to reinterpret the way the natural world envelopes us. Their repetition creating a kaleidoscope of horticultural architecture.”

The Four Aggregates

 The Different Tendencies of Eternal Summer


 Gorgonzola Junkie



 Ultimate Centris