Influenced by Tropical Modernism within architecture and art, Kesara’s depictions of the built environment portray the excitement of idealistic progress alongside the visual cacophony of real life. He hones in on the highly communicative nature of vernacular architecture, where the form follows function and tells the story of the life going on within it. Photographs taken in Sri Lanka’s Colombo and other cities, such as Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City, have been a mode of exploration and also a form of dedication to those places, led by Kesara’s active observation over time.

 Humanism and exquisite composition come together in these revealing vistas of society. Social function and design, represented through architecture, is an important touch point for Kesara as much of his childhood was spent within conversations around the work of his father, the architect, Anura Ratnavibhushana and his influential friend and mentor Geoffrey Bawa. The experimental approaches of their circle, who pioneered important conceptual advances in respect to the relationships between indoor and outdoor space, nature and domesticity, and, importantly, traditional and contemporary aesthetics, are relevant within Kesara’s work.

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Emergence II by Kesara