Botanic photography, polyptych.

Graduating from the experimentation of the series “Four Aggregates,” Kesara deepened his eye for manipulation and reflections, creating intricate compositions of his botanic photography. The natural forms are arranged, reflected, and tesselated in a visual embodiment of mathematical sequence. The final compositions emulate the exponential life force of nature and growth.

Composed as a family of images - to be displayed as a quadriptych or pentaptych - the images envelope the field of vision. The Rorschach-like imagery of “Aggregates” meets with the heightened scale, providing a landscape for the interior that can be enjoyed on multiple levels. Close examination reveals delicate details, while from a distance provides an abstraction suited to contemplation.

 “A subtle joy, this series sparks intrigue and elation every time it is viewed. It exudes energy and life: a kaleidoscope of nature. There is a constant reward in viewing “Divine Aggregates,” which constantly provides subtle details never seen, and grand patterns newly discovered. As polyptych, the piece transforms interior space, inviting nature with the boundaries of the built environment. Here nature is a calming decoration as well as a meditative apparatus.“