The project of documenting the fabric of the city has been a lifelong fascination for Kesara. Growing up with a keen awareness and an eye for architecture is due to the influence of his father, a well known architect in Sri Lanka - who was, himself, at the forefront of “Tropical Modernism.” Anura Ratnavibushana was a pupil and colleague of nationally recognized architect Geoffery Bawa, and this exposure to the architects and artists of his retinue made an impression on Kesara.

This collection represents a lifelong project for Kesara. It documents the ‘built world,’ that is constructed on idealism and form, as well as the ‘lived’ one which is made up of necessity, decay, and progression. The many vistas in “Tapestries” are all shot in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. The city is a cacophony of people and activity, and it provides a unique way to view how we are changing and growing. The old with the new, the traditional versus global influence, our aspirations and the forgotten false-starts.