Through Kesara’s photographs we can see the human form as embodiment of oscillating emotion and concentrated energy. Coming out of immersion, involvement and careful observation, Kesara’s images of people capture real moments of personal and professional focus. He has an insightful and sensitive approach appropriate to the intimate scenarios in which he has worked, as resident photographer with several performing arts and music organisations such as SHUNT art space, Colombo Fashion Week and the Chamber Music Society of Colombo; and within exclusive private ceremonies.

 Each project has been made through a process of embedding into the scenario, tuning in to the emotion of the situation. Through Kesara’s work we are transported, given the chance to be with young vow-takers / votarists immersed in extraordinarily beautiful devotional rites; avant-garde theatre performers in gritty rehearsals; classical music virtuosos in concert; family members experiencing the most meaningful moments of their lives; and boxers squaring up in the ring.

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Human Form by Kesara