Abstract architectural details from the UNESCO listed Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka.
48 Single Edition Giclee Canvas works in customised frames.

This commission by PWA Architects was placed on display in the Le Grande Galle, a boutique luxury hotel in the southern town of Galle, Sri Lanka. The hotel sits in the shadow of Galle Fort, a historic UNESCO landmark that dates back to the 16th century, and has been occupied as a strategic strong-hold by the Pourtuguese, Dutch, British, as well as by a vibrant multicultural and continuously occupied city throughout.

Given the potent overlapping cultural and historic use of the city, Galle is a wealth of vernacular architecture, which retains evidence of 500 years of its occupants. This series was a unique opportunity to document this history in the living city outside, drawing guests to pay attention to the rich details that abound.