Seeing nature as a key healing influence on personal and global scales, Kesara’s rigorous experimentation with macro and micro analysis of nature’s form and its ability for transcendental meaning is exhilarating to see. The breathtaking balance of life power and biological fragility is finely tuned within his work.

 By focusing in on forms and textures of foliage, the exquisite sculptural properties of leaves and the intricate detail of clustered blossom is revealed. Across a range of techniques he highlights both luminous, vital greenery in colour photography and elegant capillary structures traced out in black and white. The generative and beautifully efficient systems of circulation within leaves become the subject matter for a series of close ups and these life-giving systems are replicated on a larger scale within bird’s eye view images of coastal landscapes.

 Following art historical Vanitas enquiry, one series shows, through photographs of desiccated, dropped leaves, the ultimate frailty of living things and the cyclical nature of existence. In other projects the catalyzing power of light is the focus, creating atmospheric images that move between stylised abstraction and dreamlike visualisations. He also works compositionally with images of flowers, plants and whole landscapes, creating patterns and new environments through mirroring and duplicating within the bounds of a single work.

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Nightcrawler by Kesara