Portraits depicting young men performing the Thimithi festival shoot in Udappuwa, Sri Lanka. Devotees reenact scenes from the Mahābhārata (one of the ancient sanskrit tomes) over the course of several days and showcase a lush display of color, princely drama, and religious devotion.

Traveling with longtime friend, and renown Sri Lankan photographer Dominic Sansoni, the intimacy captured is evidence of the journey - the mentorship of his fellow photographer - as well as the personal toll taken (Kesara himself shooting this series in the throws of fever and capturing the festival’s main highlight of firewalking creates a potent paralel).

Insightful communion. A privileged and intimate view of religious devotion. The series, shot predominantly in black-and-white, makes a conscious effort to cut through the vibrancy of the festival and brings the viewer to the actors with solemn reverence and contemplative gaze.