The Art Of Kesara

Land of the Lotus Eaters - REDUX (Set of 3)



Edition Notes:

Two Editions, available as a Set of 3 Giclée Canvases 

Total collection size:  6 Giclée Artworks

 (1 of each work at each size) 

The Artist's Proof / 1st Edition (1 of 2)
30x40 in  /  76x114 cm each
Wraparound Box Frames
Signed, Numbered with Certificate of Authenticity+ Artist's Bill of Sale
The Second Edition (2 of 2)
24x36 in  /  61x91 cm each
Wraparound Box Frames
Signed, Numbered with Artist's Bill of Sale
This is a special commission based on the original Land of the Lotus Eaters collection.


Edition Background:

Botanic photography, still life.

The Sri Lankan lotus flower is an ever-present and potent symbol in local culture, religion and in vernacular design. As a natural phenomenon in Sri Lanka, the lotus pond is a feature seen everywhere from civic architecture and landscape, to stately residences, traditional homes, and humble temple compounds. Kesara’s fascination with botanics extends to this paradigm of island wildlife. The lotus flower grows in the dark, murky depths of ponds and swamps, to emerge and unfold a pristine blossom.

“This series captures the many faces of the lotus, chronicling the complex and wavering personas of its subject. Each blossom, at a different stage in its life, takes on such expressive and dynamic silhouettes. Such ever-changing forms and contortions of beauty. All made the more stark by the dramatic backdrop of obsidian void, much like the murky waters from which it emerges.”

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